UNSW ( University of New South Wales) has enhanced the efficiency of Silicon Solar Cell. Before enhancement the efficiency of Silicon Solar Cell was 24.76% . Now they have made it more efficient. Silicon Solar Cell is providing 25% efficiency.
CERD Scintia Prof. Martin Green told that it was the new discovery in Silicon Solar Cell technology. Now we have latest technology to mix up sunlight to generate the more power from silicon solar cell. In more detail he explained that during the day the power of sunlight changes so the spectrum efficiency also changes so we have made the variation stable and now getting more efficient cell.
Dr Anita Ho-Baillie has also admired the struggle and said that it would open the new horizons of Solar Cell chemistry. UNSW has provided the gateway to research more on this topic. Dr Anita Ho-Baillie said that they had not wasted the blue light as it was absorbed more and remains close the surface of the cell. And this point has made the cell more efficient

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