anti-rape-undergarments-by-indian-studentsA team of students from SRM University of Chennai in India has came across with the idea of SHE – Society Harnessing Equipment. This is said to be an Under-Garment equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System) and GSM  (Global  System for Mobile Communications) along with  pressure sensors, which is capable of sending electrical shock waves of  3,800 kV up to 82 times as well as alerts to parents and police.

The system devised is an inner wear, actuated with sensors and electric shock circuit board, for women. GPS and GSM modules are attached to this set-up. The inner side of the undergarment is insulated with a polymer to prevent the wearer’s body from the effects of shock in case of attack. The circuit is placed near the bosom because in the attempt of rape or road‐side eve‐teasing, as per survey, women are attacked first on their bosom.

Team Members: ‐ Manisha Mohan, Niladri Basu Bal , Rimpi Tripathi

Institute: ‐ SRM University, Chennai

Student Profiles:- Manisha is a student of Aeronautical Engineering, while Niladri Basu and Rimpi Tripathi are students of Instrumentation & Control Engineering, at SRM University, Chennai.

According to team statement on project Website;

We get inspiration from Delhi gang-rape incident, and the rape of a Bangalore BPO worker.we have initiated the idea of self‐ defence which protects the women from domestic,social and workplace harassment. We came across many such incidents of harassment during our survey in women’s hostel. So we decided to make this project which can be implemented easily .We have used technologies which are being used in day to day life G.P.S, G.S.M, pressure sensors) in our innovation to bring a simple solution to this serious problem existing in our society.

Current Shortcomings: The device needs to be more compact.

Future Plan: We want to interface this system with a smart phone using Bluetooth and infra-red  The pressure sensor will send a signal to the smart phone through Bluetooth which will in turn send stress messages instantly to right authorities.


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