The new S series Walkman Video MP3 players presented by Sony are having the special feature of their thin size. It is just having thickness of 7.5mm. The S series is the thinnest Walkmans available in the market.

The slender design has a high-contrast 2-inch QVGA liquid crystal display. This display helps the user in browsing digital media collection or watching videos. The display is shown at the rate equal to 30-FPS (thirty frames per second) in either horizontal or vertical orientations. The SensMe music suggestion engine is configured in it. It ends up the hard task of manually tagging individual tracks in your library.

It works on the two technologies from Sony i.e. 12 Tone Analysis technology and LCMIR (Low-Complexity Music Information Retrieval technology. SensMe examines your music collection. It suggests playlists, which is based on each track’s speed, mood and rhythm. It produces a choice of 11 themed ‘channels’.

The S series is also friendly to all available formats. The series support formats from all big download stores as well as WMV with DRM. It also features Supplied Content Transfer software. This helps in ‘drag & drop’ shift of music, videos, podcasts and playlists, (DRM files excepted), from iTunes.

It is being claimed by Sony that the S series could not only be called as the thinnest Walkman ever manufactured but the company is also advertizing it as the best-sounding one also. This is achieved by collection of four Sony-developed Clear Audio technologies. These technologies are complemented by the 13.5mm EX headphones.

It is good news that the NWZ-S730F series do have a fresh 3-way noise cancelling arrangement in it. That functions working with the 13.5mm EX headphones help to keep out background distractions. The persons travelling through air can also connect the S730F directly to the plane’s AV system. It is a real entertainment during air travelling having additional feature of high-quality noise cancellation.

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