BlueAnt Wireless released their product V1 Headset. It is an entirely hands-free unit. It is being publicized as the “world’s 1st amply voice controlled Bluetooth 2.1 headset”. This modern headset lets users to dial and manipulate additional call features and functionalities on their phone without even viewing it.

It is featuring high-tech voice recognition, the BlueGenie Voice port and BlueAnt’s own Voice Isolation Technology. This new device allows callers to operate their headset through voice instructions instead of hitting or operating multiple buttons. Standard Bluetooth headsets back up voice dial potentialities. It is achieved through the cell phone’s new voice characteristics.
The V1’s voice control is also integrated in the headset itself. There are also some additional functions, other than the dialing potentialities.


The V1 renders full command of all headset features like pairing, volume and connection status through only the voice instructions. Statements like ‘Pair Me,’, ‘Redial,’ ‘Call Back,’ ‘Answer/Ignore Call’ are all added to it. By saying “What can I say?” the headset will verbally tell all features given in the device.

The BlueAnt V1 is the first and the only complete headset available in today’s market which contains the features of Bluetooth version 2.1 and Enhanced Data Rate specification. The headset is small-scale and lightweight. It weighs less than .thirty-five oz. It also contains freshly Comply Foam Tips and rubber ear gels. These things help block peripheral noisy sounds. Through dual microphones the communication is made clear even in the noisiest of surroundings. It has Voice Isolation Technology which is applied for intense noise, wind and echo cancellation. The device is checked to be matched equal to eight Bluetooth devices. This means, you are not constricted to just the one phone. It is available MSRP of US$129.95. The BlueAnt V1 holds 3 charging choices. You can have it charged at car, through phone or USB. It offers 5 hours of talk-time or 200 hours of standby.

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